Leigh Bush (Sammie) – Dancer

He’s no longer Sammie, call him Leigh Bush. And with that new name comes new music in “Dancer,” and lushly arranged look at the stripper lifestyle, though not your standard stripper anthem.

“I have a few friends and associates who strip and I’ve even indulged in a few. Talking to them from time to time just opened my mind and gave me different perspectives on a woman’s mentality. Some do it for the money, others for the lifestyle,” the 26-year-old explains. “Some receive the attention as a form of love or reassurance. So I thought it would be dope to write a record that was thought provoking opposed to the typical stripper records that consume the airwaves today.”

Look out for Bush’s upcoming EP 'Leigh Bush', due out on iTunes on October 15, which follows his 2012 original mixtape 'Insomnia'. As he creates his new identity, the project promises to be "sultry, mature and unapologetically artsy."