Behind The Scenes: Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’ Video

When you hear Rihanna’s single “Pour It Up,” what visual would you expect? Making it rain on twerking strippers? You’d be correct, however, choreographer Othan Burnside promises the video will be a bit more artistic that what you may think.

“Your gonna see a lot of artistic things happening. Its’ gonna be very, very sexy in a way that I don’t think has ever been done before and I think that’s what’s gonna make this video very special,” she says explains. And with that being said, the dancers definitely seem to work the pole in a way that defies gravity as seen in the clip below.

Previous snaps from the shoot show RiRi dressed as a 1940s pin-up girl ready throw up her cash; bills that have her face on it, of course.

Watch the making of “Pour It Up” below: