Omarion and Rick Ross Talk ‘Re-Breaking R&B, Omarion’s Career’ on Breakfast Club

Has Rick Ross had a hard time re-breaking Omarion's career? Does he find it hard to do for an R&B artist what he has done with and for MMG artists like Meek Mill and Wale?

Ross answered those questions and more with Omarion on "The Breakfast Club" Wednesday.

"I mean you not breaking Omarion. When I met him he was already living in 'The Hills' with a hell of a view and it was just really about us getting in the studio and he already had his own vision, his own direction. So, top of the year look for Omarion debut album. It's all love," said Rick Ross.

Asked about his single "M.I.A." and the perception that it came and went, Omarion said "It ain't go nowhere. I mean we did make a transition from Warner to Atlantic, which I think is a better system, but I think everything is about timing. Imma just continue to make great records and whichever one sticks then you know…"