Elle Varner – Tiny Temper (Unreleased)

As the world awaits new music from her sophomore album, Elle Varner dusts off an oldie but goodie. Linked via her Twitter page, Varner gives fans the sassy tune “Tiny Temper,” an unreleased demo from around 2010.

Varner gets sassier than usual with lines like “Cuz I won’t promise I won’t pull a Lisa Lopes and set it all on fire,” as she gives a fair warning to the new man not to test her, or she’ll set it off!

What we do know about the new album is that it'll have a sound mash-up of trap music and jazz. “Trap jazz is one of the genres I’ve created out of making this album. I was also talking about trap motown, and it’s just happening that way. It’s how I sing and that’s how I write, but the beats are crazy," she told NiteCap's Peter Baily.