Glenn Lewis Talks About Evolving But Still Staying True To Himself As An Artist

Glenn Lewis usually was a name amongst Neo Soul artists. He had a distinctive sound but it still paid homage to the R&B of Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. Well, Glenn is back and ready to give us his sound and his opinion on what's going on. Check out what he had to say about his personaly evolution.

"I guess a part of evolution is being able to display growth from the last project to now. I think just through life experience, the way I carry myself or how I choice to express myself will come out naturally. My music now touches on more intimate topics and it is a bridge between what I been doing and what is current. It is not following trends but it is current with production and styles of today. It will be what they come to expect. In the topics of the songs fans will see the growth. I have also become a stronger vocalist. From interview to interview my fans will feel where I’m coming from and where I am at now. It is difficult because it was 10 years ago so I have to gradually put myself out there. I can’t just come out wearing shiny suits. "

Who missed Mr. Lewis?