Prince – Groovy Potential

Prince has unleashed a brand new track called “Groovy Potential” on his 3rd Eye Girl site, and it’s nearly seven minutes of, well, grooviness! The mellow groove of the verses lead into to the lush chorus with horns, a funky baseline, and Prince’s refrain “We got the groovy potential!”

Having confessed in the past to not owning a cell phone, Prince surprisingly linked the song on his 3rd Eye Girl twitter account with rare tweets, showing he's embracing the new technology. He wrote, “PRINCE’S 1ST TWEET. Testing 1, 2…,” then he posted “PRINCE’S 2ND TWEET,” and ended with “PRINCE’S 3RD TWEET: DID EYE ADD 2 MUCH PEPPER?” with a twitpic of a salad covered in the spicy seasoning.

Ha! The Purple One pulled a social networking move. Groovy!