K. Michelle on ‘Rebellious Soul’: ‘I Wanted It To Have A Feel and Mood’

K. Michelle's anticipated album, "Rebellious Soul," has some "ratchet" songs, but it also has a deliberate flow to it.

Speaking of the album, which is due for release Tuesday, K. Michelle says her goal was not only to sing about things that she has gone through, but to make the album flow in a sequence.

"You can't have this ratchet song here and then go to 'I Don't Like Me.' It just doesn't work. It has to flow. Even though I wanted to tell a story, I wanted it to be where you can hit play and not skip. That was very important on this album," K. Michelle shares in video below.

In related news, K. Michelle's album has a lot to offer, including two interludes — one a little ratchet and the other, a bit more serious.

"I have two different type interludes. One's really funny, it's called "Coochie Symphony." You know, I had a broke 'hot pocket' so, anything I go through I sing about it. That's on there," K. Michelle teased. "It's a full orchestra piece on my coochie being broke. Then I have another interlude that is beautiful. It's an amazing, beautiful record called 'Repair This Heart'."