Tamar Braxton, Trey Songz, Kelly Rowland and More ‘Devastated’ Over Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin Trial Verdict

George Zimmerman, the Florida man accused of murdering unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, was found not guilty Saturday. The verdict, following a heavily watched trial, came after the jury, consisting of six women (some mothers), deliberated for over 16 hours, choosing not to convict Zimmerman on charges including Manslaughter and Murder in the second degree.

After the verdict was delivered, many an artist (R&B, Gospel and others) took to Twitter to express being "disappointed," "devastated" and "sick." Some also plead for peace.

See their tweets below:

"Florida?…we have a problem! #ZimmermanTrial. Going to bed. This has ruined my whole night. :( #JusticeForTrayvon" — Tamar Braxton.

"Can't even gather words to express my hurt for Trayvon's family. Devastated." — Trey Songz

"#Disappointed … literally in tears right now, over the way a KILLER was found not guilty!!? KeepingTrayvon's family in my prayers! In shock!" — Kelly Rowland

"I'm a Florida girl but right now I'm so ashamed of my home state smh. No Justice. No Peace. Prayinng for the Martin family. #SoSad" — Vonzell Solomon

"I feel sick. #RIPTrayvonMartin" — Miley Cyrus

"My heart is heavy…for all who knew and loved #TrayvonMartin. His life mattered. This is shameful." — Mandy Moore

"Praying for #Trayvonsfamily" — LeToya Luckett

"I'm sick to my stomach. This is so sad so unfair so unjust. No one should be acquitted for killing a child after following them around." — Kenya Moore

"This is the saddest news ever!!! #whatsjustice #pray4theMartinFamily" Rihanna

"And our taxes paid for that trial. We just paid to see a murderer walk free after killing an innocent unarmed little boy. #GodBlessAmerica" — Nicki Minaj

"Whenever Some One Has Done Wrong, They Will Have To Face It. No Matter What. God Will Handle It. For There Is No Powere Greater Than His." — Ciara

"Hug your babies extra tight tonight everyone. #prayerstothemartinfamily" — Ledisi

"My heart hurts." — John Legend

"Wildin is fruitless. Alternatives welcome, needed, encouraged, supported!!!!! Praise God." — Jill Scott

"I'm leaving the studio and going to be with my son! Travyon's dad won't have that opportunity again. That's wrong. No justice. #TTLO" — Rico Love

"America… #wakeup I pray we stop the black on black… Crimes we commit amongst each other. It's hard to not make this about #race but look around. No hate or anger in my heart- simply hurt for the Martin family and I pray for UNITY! This is A wake up call- LET US PRAY. Gnite world." — Sammie

"ZIMMERMAN FOUND "NOT GUILTY"…..my heart is heavy. i don't know what to say…this is horrible~! I pray 4peace in the MARTIN family, in Sanford..This isn't good. Praying 4the protection of Zimmerman, also…& his family. GOD help in this. I don't know what else to say….this just isn't right or good. why couldn't a black young man just walk home from a store…in his father's neighborhood? what did he do besides being black walking home? How does walking HOME doing NO wrong except WALKING cause a stranger who saw him do NOTHING 2cause him 2follow, scare, harrass & KILL him?" — Donnie McClurkin

"My heart is truly broken. We dedicate this video to Trayvon Martin+his family. God Bless our children." — Diddy