Keri Hilson Plots New single For This Year, Talks Working With Kanye Again, More

Keri Hilson may have taken a break from music, but that doesn't mean she hasn't been in the lab recording new songs. In a recent interview with XXL Mag, the "Pretty Girl Rock" singer-songwriter says she will be releasing a new single this year, talks collaborating with Kanye West again, and more.

On The Tone Of Her Upcoming Third Studio Album: I don’t want to go into it. You just gotta pick it up. When it comes out, it’ll all come together. Everyone will understand [where] I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. There are many aspects to the inspirations of this album. I don’t really want to answer you and limit it to just that because it’s not.

On Working With Kanye West Again: I already have throughout my break. I’ve actually worked with him. I can’t say much about it, but it was awesome. He’s a genius. I really, really enjoyed working with him.

On Relationship With Timbaland: Yeah, our relationship is still intact. At the moment, he’s really tied up with other projects, but he’s still my executive producer. We talk very often. He’s still very much a part of this project just as much as the others.

On Next Single Release: Definitely this year, but I can’t say. When you say something, people hold you to it. I never know what’s going to happen. I could go to the studio tonight—and I will—I could top it. I might feel more confident about a record than I do after it. Even if we think we chose a single, anything could happen. I just want to make sure. People have been waiting my re-arrival. I just want to make sure I give them my best. I don’t want to rush. I don’t want to release something that I don’t feel wholeheartedly about. I feel that I am there. I just want to be sure. I want to take my time and make sure this comeback is just that.

On Returning to Music: I feel like people are just going to know. The music is going to speak for itself. I don’t think I need to re-introduce myself to the world. I’ve been blessed to have fans all over the world. I know that they will hold me down and spread the word. My entrance into the industry was so organic. I love that. It was kind of word of mouth driven. Social networking driven to tell people. It’s driven all by the music. It’s not from my fashion. It’s not from anything but my lyrics. Just the songs. The music and the feeling people get from it. I’m most proud about that. I think this time around it will be the same way with a bigger impact.

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