India.Arie – Brother’s Keeper

Ladies, tell the men in your life you care with India.Arie's "Brother’s Keeper," a lush song of unity from her June 25 album, Songversation.

"This song, 'Brothers Keeper,' is about us as women, supporting the men in our lives; sons, brothers, husbands, lovers, nephews, friends – in that way, that only a woman can," she told Billboard’s The Juice. When India Arie creates, she puts everything into her projects, and Songversation is no exception; she calls it “one of the most important experiences of her career.”

"Every time I make an album, it’s an important and tumultuous and nuanced and complex and dynamic process of going into the woods and coming out with the holy grail… the holy grail being the internal growth that becomes fertile ground for new songs. This album was a process of many journeys all happening at once, culminating in not just a fertile ground, but a fertile ground on a different land," she said.