Former B2K Manager, Chris Stokes, Reverts to Old School Methods to Develop New Artists

Chris Stokes is the music producer and manager that developed boy bands IMX and B2K, now he has set his sight on developing new talents. The former Vice President of A&M/Interscope Records would like to enhance artists training with proper artist development, an area he believes to be lacking in the music industry. He joins others in the belief that songs are unleashed through social media and blogs before artists are molded into credible creators.

"I think there is a negative and positive result to the new social media craze. On one hand, it gives artists out there who would have never had the opportunity to be discovered a chance to be seen by executives and that's good for undiscovered talent. For the rest of us who have worked so hard to establish success the old fashioned way, it can be a little negative, especially with the blog site element," Stokes said in a statement.

With over twenty million records sold, Stokes' track record has proven he can develop successful artists, but he must demonstrate his old school vision is suitable for today’s culture.


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