Sterling Simms – I Know Love ft. Pusha T

You’ve never been in love if you’ve never felt the need to karate chop the person in the throat at times, too.

Philly singer-songwriter Sterling Simms sings about the essence of a classic love/hate relationship on his single “I Know Love.” “Cause I know love, when I see that muthaf*cka / And now I’m drinking gin behind the wheel of my car / cause I know love, when I see that b*tch,” Simms passionately sings, sampling Teedra Moses’ “To Hell With It.” Pusha T hops on to speak his piece on the sticky love situation.

“I Know Love” is the first single from Sterling Simms’ upcoming album 11 Missed Calls, which he says, are "11 songs that represent 11 missed calls." It follows up his debut 2008 album Yours, Mine, & The Truth.

Produced by Fisticuffs