Shakira Talks Baby Weight, ‘The Voice’ With Oprah

Shakira is happy to be a mom and not only that, a working mom that has been able to hold on to her figure.

Even with that said, Shakira admitted that there were some concerns about working, raising her first child and losing the baby weight while appearing on "Oprah's Next Chapter" Sunday.

"I was a little bit more confused at the beginning. It wasn't as idyllic as I thought it might be the first month. First of all, you deliver the kid, you see yourself in the mirror and you're like 'Uh oh. I look like a sharpe.' How am I gonna get my body back? Am I ever going to go back to work? How is this going to be? You ask yourself so many questions that have no answer because no one, absolutely no one, prepared you for that," Shakira shared with Oprah and "The Voice" coach Usher.