Kelly Rowland Talks Criticism, Racy Singles and Song Choice

Kelly Rowland has been paying attention to criticism from fans and music listeners. You know, that criticism about her songs being nearly the same or at the least, being built with a certain formula (ie: "Motivation" and "Ice").

Opening up in an interview with Power 99 FM recently, Kelly faced her critics head on, claiming that "Dirty Laundry" is the answer. It's what people have been asking for…. "something real."

"So many people were like there are so many songs like "Ice," like "Kisses(Down Low) and "Motivation," when is she going to give us something that's real. I was like okay, you want something real? Okay. Here it is (Dirty Laundry). So, there are so many different sides of me, which is what I embrace on "Talk A Good Game," Kelly shared. "There's a sensual side, a serious side. It's a more vulnerable side, it's sassy side. All of those characters come out on this album and that's just how dynamic it can be. That's how dynamic life can be."