Kelly Rowland and The-Dream Rip The Stage at NYC’s Best Buy Theater

Lights, Camera, and Action! It was a club atmosphere at the Best Buy Theater for Kelly Rowland, and The-Dream in NYC on May 30th as the two distinguished R&B singers took stage for their trimmed down "Lights Out" tour. Girls wore their freakum dresses and the dudes were all lurking to find a lady, well the ones who didn't come with any. It was a great night for R&B, especially for two artists who are killing the game right now.

Before the co-headliners took stage, two opening acts/aspiring R&B singers had their moment to shine. Raphael Saadiq’s protégé, Adrian Marcel, kicked off the performances with songs about being addicted to the opposite sex, and yearning for love from a previous relationship. Def Jam's newcomer August Alsina followed after with music that expressed his infatuation with women and weed; what a combination. August said, "I like my women, like how I like my weed."

After the two opening acts wrapped, The-Dream made his grand entrance on stage with the welcome of screams from the whole room. The ladies were hollering for the Radiokilla singer like die hard fans are supposed to at a concert. He started off his segment right by singing, F.I.L.A (Falling in Love Again), then he took fans through hits like "Falsetto," "Rockin' That Thang," "Dope B*****," "Shawty You Da S***," "Fast Car," "Stop Procrastinating," "Fancy," and "Ditch That." He also performed songs from his much anticipated new album, IV Play, which was released on May 28th. Along with the sensual title ballad "IV Play," he also performed "Too Early" and "Where Have You Been" with Kelly Rowland. The Dream is truly a man of his word because he rocked the house from the beginning to the end.

Then it was time to see Ms. Kelly Rowland…the Grammy award singer, actress, and television personality who rose to fame from Destiny's Child. It was time! It was time to do it her way. Kelly caught fans by surprise when she sung her verses and hook to the song, "Dilemma" Ft Nelly. That song is truly a throwback; it was on the radio 11 years ago. She also rendered quite a few hooks to other collaborative hits including Future's song, "Neva End," and Destiny Child's "Jumpin' Jumpin," "Survivor," "Cater 2 You," and "Soldier." After filling fans' memory bank, she transitioned to her new joint, "Street Life," from her new album, Talk a Good Game. When you hear this record, you'll know it's a Pharell track. Kelly also sung her other hits including, "Can't Nobody," "Kisses Down Low," "Motivation," and the controversial, "Dirty Laundry." "Dirty Laundry" did steer up controversy, but this was Kelly's truth to the industry. As we all know, everything that glitters is not always gold, and we can't believe everything we hear or see. The song allows fans to understand the ins and outs of being a superstar in the industry. It has its perks and downfalls as well.

To keep the party jumpin', Kelly ended her segment with the party anthem, "Like This," Ft Eve. This is one of her best collaborations. It's the perfect song for every occasion: having a good time, omitting negativity, or moving on from a relationship. Ms. Kelly has come a long way from Destiny's Child, and I have to say, the world expects more from Ms. Rowland. She has the total package: talent, brains, beauty, and she's very comfortable in her skin.

As for The-Dream, he will continue to make those money-making hits, slow or upbeat jams, and stay true to himself. He has to be this way because there's only one Radiokilla. Fans were impressed with their performances because they witnessed their originality and creativity on stage. Kelly and The-Dream are just getting started as entertainers, but in the end, it will be worth the wait.

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