Quadron – Neverland

Another cut from electronic soul duo Quadron’s forthcoming album Avalanche is a song titled “Neverland,” an ode to the late Michael Jackson. The group’s vocalist Coco Karshoj expresses thier admiration of the King of Pop by singing about the story of an impersonator while producer-musician Robin Hannibal’s slick, throwback production puts you in a 70s state-of-mind.

"[Singer Coco O. and I] are both huge fans of Michael Jackson and we wanted to write a song about that, but from a different angle," Hannibal said. "We created a third-person story about when people become impersonators to pay tribute to artists that are their idols because they are so obsessed with them."

Avalanche, which is headed by the first single “Better Off” ft. Kendrick Lamar, hits stores and digital outlets on June 4.