New Jack Swing: Guy and R&B Legend, Babyface, Perform at Madison Square Garden

It was truly a Mother’s Day concert to remember at Madison Square Garden on Saturday (May 11). Everyone, especially mothers, were keyed up to see the legendary R&B group Guy and the one and only Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. Fellas had to come correct for this occasion. Everyone knows Mother’s Day is an important day for the ladies.

The concert was a one night only affair in New York City so the R&B superstars expressed their deepest gratitude to all of the mothers in the audience. And to get the party started, Guy stepped on stage, singing their song, “My Fantasy.” Fans were shocked when Aaron and Damion Hall stepped without Teddy Riley, the “Innovator of the New Jack Swing Era,” but one man doesn’t stop another man’s show. The group continued singing their hits, “Piece of My Love,” “Goodbye Love,” “Let’s Chill,” and of course everyone’s favorite, “I Like.” Fans were yearning for the group to sing those high notes, but they couldn’t pull it off. Before Guy departed the stage, Aaron sang his solo cut, “I Miss You,” which has been an R&B classic slow jam since the early 90's.

Following Guy's performance, one of entertainment’s prominent event planners and host of the evening, Ray Dejon, said a few words to the mothers. "Let’s show love to all of the mothers in the audience; it’s all about them tonight,” Dejon said. He is comical as well, cracking a few jokes to keep the audience energized while they patiently waited for Babyface.

Once the 15 minute intermission ended, Dejon presented the 10X Grammy award winning singer-songwriter, Babyface. Ladies were drooling and full of enthusiasm when this 55-year-old man walked on stage. Everyone knew they were in for a treat because of Babyface's extensive catalog. He kicked off his set with, "For the Cool in You," and he just kept singing hit after hit including "Never Keeping Secrets," "When Can I See You?" "Soon As I Get Home" and "Sunshine."

Babyface's performance was enriching to say the least. The list could take hours if I write down how many songs he has written for some of the biggest names in music. But, he sang Bobby Brown's "Don’t Be Cruel," "Roni," and "Every Little Step," Tevin Campbell's "Can We Talk?", After 7's “Ready or Not,” “Two Occasions,” and Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road and "I’ll Make Love to You." He ended his segment with the R&B classic, "Whip Appeal," and thanked everyone for supporting him as a musician, producer, and singer.

Over 30 years later, everyone, young and old, still loves Babyface. He speaks the truth in his love songs. He is still a musical muse for many R&B artists. Fans are still pumped when they hear Guy's up-beat R&B and hip-hop songs from the late 80s.