Lyfe Jennings – Boomerang

After releasing a snippet last month, Lyfe Jennings has released the full version of "Boomerang," his first musical offering since his discharge from prison in 2012 following a three and half year prison sentence for a 2008 altercation with the mother of his children. The personal ballad touches on Lyfe's past relationship(s), as he looks back at all the wrong he has committed.

"Sitting here thinking about, all the innocent people I done hurt in my pass," the R&B crooner intros before crooning, "breaking a woman's heart is like throwing a boomerang, it'll come right back to you again."

"Boomerang" is a true to Lyfe record, which paints a real life picture of iniquitous while passing on learned experiences to others. This is an allurement Lyfe is known for, especially on his records, "Statistics" and "Sex."

“If you break a woman’s heart that is going to come back to you,” explains Lyfe. “If you disrespect her and don’t pay attention to her feelings, she’s not just going to get over it. You don’t realize that when it’s happening though. That’s what the songs about.”

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Produced by: G2G and LaShaunda "Baby Girl" Carr

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