Beyonce Talks Cuba Criticism, Being ‘Protective’ of Blue Ivy on GMA

Beyonce's anticipated interview with ABC News aired on "Good Morning America" Monday. While Beyonce didn't offer up any goods on a new single or album release period right off the bat, she did speak about some controversial topics including her time spent in Cuba and being protective of her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

"You know, it was such a beautiful trip. I met some incredible children. I visited some incredible entrepreneurs. And it was really, it was really educational for me," Beyonce told Amy Robach of Cuba. "I learned so much about so many people and the country, and it was actually quite shocking."

Moving on, Beyonce expressed that she still likes "simple things" in life.

"At the end of the day you’re the same exact person. I still like the simple things. I have on my press on nails right now. I have on my store bought press on nails. But my color, my paint is professionally done," she said. "I just want happiness and I want great friends and great family."

Speaking of family, Beyonce admitted that she is very protective when it comes to her daughter because she is her priority.

"I just want to make sure that she can have a healthy, safe, normal life. In the back of my mind, she’s my priority. And life is completely different now," said Beyonce. "I feel really, really just lucky that I can still do what I love, and now have a way bigger meaning. And that’s to be her mother."