RECAP: Fantasia Gives Breathtaking Performance at the Beacon Theater

On Saturday April 27th, New Yorkers were blessed with a special performance from American Idol winner and R&B star Fantasia. As fans waited patiently on line to hear the Grammy Award winning songstress SANGGGG, ladies showed off their four inch heels and dresses while the Fellas were on hand for support.

Prior to Fantasia taking stage, two opening acts were served as appetizers. First, Harlem comedian Smokey Suarez had fans in laughing tears then Emmanuel Rahiem Leblanc from GQ treated fans to a delightful performance.

After a fifteen minute intermission, fans witnessed Fantasia at her best. Hitting the stage with her normal "no shoes" routine, she kicked off her set with the single "I'm Doin Me," firing up her dedicated followers. She performed with so much soul and delivered this vibrant energy. People in the audience were cheering Fantasia on and said, "We love you Tasia," "You go girl!" or "that girl can sang!"Concert-goers witnessed Fantasia's God given talent when she performed her other chart topping hits including "Free Yourself," "Truth Is," "Collard Greens and Cornbread," "Ain't Gonna Beg You," "Even Angels," her Grammy award winning hit, "Bittersweet," and her number one hit, "When I See You." Fans also heard three new tracks from the new album, Side Effects of You, including "Lighthouse," "Get It Right," and "If I Was a Bird." In true Fantasia fashion, she brought church and throwback night to her concert as well! She performed Sam Cooke's classic, "A Change is Gonna Come," and "Savior, Please Don't Pass Me By." Fans were moved by reverent spirit on stage because Fantasia embraces her relationship with God. Fantasia took it back because she said, "Back in the days music had so much meaning, music had meat and potatoes."

Fantasia's Grand Finale:

Fantasia ended the concert with the her current single, "Lose to Win." This song speaks the truth about life's biggest troubles. Fantasia is a prime example of remaining a champion! She is willing to share her testimony on forgiveness, prosperity, endurance, and self- love. The stage is where Fantasia belongs, and she continues to make her mark in the industry!

Fantasia's journey is just beginning! Here's hoping for a second Grammy!