RECAP: Carl Thomas Has Throwback Night at R&B Spotlight

Easter Sunday at S.O.Bs was truly a night to remember for R&B music lovers! Fans were surrounded by good food, music, and live performances, which all kicked off at 8 PM. The atmospheric mood at the venue was soulful and enriching, keeping event-goers tuned from the very beginning.

The event was hosted by R&B Spotlight, a production company looking to shine light on the next generation of R&B singers via live performances. Hosted by Cory Taylor, founder, and singer-songwriter Lydia Caesar, the Singersroom sponsored event featured Grammy nominated singer Carl Thomas as the night's headliner.

While Thomas was warming up to perform on stage, four musical acts, Myra Williams, TSOUL, Elle Winston, and Remy Williams showed their artistic talents to the crowd. The response was receptive and cheerful because they were truly entertaining. The acts' voices were smooth, tender, raw, and unique. Their voices captivated the crowd and listeners can log on to their personal websites, Facebook, and Twitter to listen to other tracks in the near future.

The lovely Ms. Lydia Caesar made her mark on stage when she performed her second single, "St. Louis" from her debut album, Caesar. Caesar's presence on stage was known the minute she opened her mouth and sang. Her voice had so much life and realness behind it. Caesar has already hit the stage with some of industry's heavy hitters: Trey Songz, 718, Melanie Fiona, and Robin Thicke.

However, the crowd was so anxious and excited to see the sexy and talented Carl Thomas sing his hits. Before Carl performed, Taylor said the most fondest words about Thomas insisting, "Now I know some of y'all are John Legend fans, but he don' have anything on Carl Thomas. I have known this brotha for a long time and he SANG! Y'all show your love for Carl Thomas!"

When the ladies heard his voice from the back of the club, they were screaming from the top of their lungs. They were pumped to see their heartthrob reconnect with them after all of these years. His mannerism on stage was full of eloquence, charisma, and swag.

When Carl finally stepped on the stage, he started off singing his duet with Faith Evans, "Can't Believe." The song was an instant throwback because he was still on Bad Boy records at the time. And to keep the crowd moving and dancing, Thomas sang his sensual and upbeat song, "Summer Rain."

Thomas also sang his softer ballads, "Supastar" and "Giving You All of My Love" from his debut album, Emotional in 2000 because he said, "I decided not to go too current in terms of songs."

However, he talked about the makings behind his upcoming EP, Carl Thomas: Begging After Midnight. The 6 track EP expresses Thomas' views on love, what does it mean to be in love, and the origins of lovemaking with your mate. The love making is an important element in relationships insist Thomas. "Hip-hop talks about sex too much and forget too mention love, because ladies want to kissed and held in the right place when you're doing it," he says.

He ended his segment with his number one hit, "I Wish" after telling his fans the meaning behind the song. He was comical about it because he understands that God has a sense of humor. But, Thomas is selective and private about his personal business: "This is the only time I aired my dirty laundry in the industry when I wrote this song." Fans were shocked because the song was based on a true story. After he sang the song, Thomas thanked his fans once more for coming, "Thank you and God bless."

To conclude the concert, R&B Spotlight wants upcoming singers to understand the importance of putting meaning and truth into songs because if you don't believe in your work, no one will! Once you keep this important tool in mind, your music will matter to your fellow audience!