RECAP: Fans Mesmerized by Avant’s Performance at B.B Kings

It's spring break for most people, and usually this time of year people go on vacation, catch up on sleep, or work. But yesterday evening (March 27), fans came out to watch Avant perform at B.B Kings restaurant in New York City. Fans recognized his advancement culturally and stylistically as an artist and performer. They were ready to rock the house with the singer and songwriter and was amazed by his gratitude. He said, "I love y'all, thank you so much for coming out." Avant blushed as his fans were singing his songs word for word, which is tremendous feedback for an artist who gives his all to his fans.

The night was also a special treat for the ladies as promised. Avant was not afraid to reveal his sex appeal, vocal abilities, charm, and last but not least the dimples. Yes, the dimples attracted the ladies instantly as he was performing some of his greatest hits. He performed the hook from his collaboration with Lloyd Banks on "Karma," "You Know What," featuring Lil Wayne, "4 Minutes," "Makin' Good Love," "Separated" "Sailing," "My First Love," "You & I," "Director," "When It Hurts," and "Get Away."

As witnessed on his latest studio album, Face The Music, Avant believes it's vital to pay homage to some of the biggest musical icons in the industry. Some of his musical influences are Marvin Gaye, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Babyface, R. Kelly, Teddy Pendergrass, Stevie Wonder, but his favorite was the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He sang two of Jackson's song beautifully: "Lady in My Life" and "Human Nature." He knows without these historical figures in music, his music wouldn't hold a lot of weight and value behind his sound.

During his set, he also reinforced his comment, "Real R&B Music," because music is suppose to tell stories, uplift people, be enjoyable, and meaningful. Without these important ingredients, artists don't hold much weight at all. So it's important to keep rhythm and blues alive. And we can say, Avant's music correlates with this important concept in music. And that's why his music is so real and compelling.

On another note, some fans were a little disappointed when he didn't perform songs from his new album, Face the Music. Nonetheless, Avant said the next time he performs on stage he's going to "Do it Big and play some songs from the new album." The new album from Avant is a combination of new and old school sounds, but with an urban twist. "Face the Music is about who we are and what we live by; it's about respecting that as well as the music," said Avant. So, fans will be in for a treat once they purchase the album. But, he ended the concert with his smash hit, "Read Your Mind."

Overall, Avant's performance was welcoming for fans that love his charisma, talent, and the sensuality and passion he brings to the stage.

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