Shirley Caesar Talks Anointing, New Album and Meets American Idol’s Curtis Finch Jr.

As legendary as she is and as powerful as her music has become, Shirley Caesar remains humble and candid about her journey.

Appearing on Good Day LA this month, the "No Charge" and "He's Working It Out For You" singer spoke about her voice, the anointing, preaching and singing and even admitted that she learned how to "yodel" and piece words together quickly from Sam Cooke and other soulful singers.

"My voice has always been bigger than me," Caesar told Good Day LA. "Singing and preaching goes together like ham and eggs."

In addition to speaking about her album, Shirley Caesar just happened to be in the studio when "American Idol" top 10 performer Curtis Finch Jr. was there. Having an amazing opportunity to meet her and discuss her impact on Gospel music and his life, Finch sat down with Shirley Caesar on-air…

Watch the full interview from Good Day LA below (if video is not working, click here)