Archie Lowe’s ‘If We Survive’ Shatters Comparisons to Famous Father Brian McKnight [REVIEW]

You wouldn’t know Archie Lowe is the son of a legendary R&B crooner, but in order to establish individuality, that’s the way he prefers it. As the son of Brian McKnight, Lowe follows in his father’s musical footsteps, but with his own style in his debut project If We Survive. Most all credit on the project is Lowe’s; every instrument on every track was played by him, even the mixes and masters were executed by the well-rounded musician.

The 10-track set is full of good vibes and energy; the title track “If We Survive” predicts a promising future on the microcosm relationship level as well as the macrocosm worldly level, and the doting “Hard4U” make sure his efforts are geared towards that special someone with the mid-tempo groove. One thing you’ll notice are the electronic sounds that accompany the 80s inspired-melodies prevalent throughout. Both “Yet2Come” and “Luna” feature the nostalgic sound, each a foot-tapping, finger-snapping, synth-laden bowl of 80s; you’d swear it’s a Lionel Richie/Michael McDonald cover.

Not all the songs are danceable; some of them fast forward to a more contemporary slow jam. Take a track like “Pretend” where Lowe also turns up the heat: “We don’t have to pretend to be in love tonight to see the sun rise when we finish baby,” he sings. He also drafts newcomer singer-songwriter Dez for the sexy “RedBandana,” and “Naught-ia” where the melodically-unpredictable verses correspond with a hook that's just too smooth for ears.

Stream below then purchase; what you’ll get for $3 is a steal in the form of this solid debut effort from the alias that is Archie Lowe.