Marsha Ambrosius: The Voice of a Songstress Performs at SOBS (RECAP)

Usually people are skeptical about attending a music concert on a Tuesday night because of school or work. But, there was an exception for Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Marsha Ambrosius, who hit the SOBs stage in New York City on March 5th. The show was presented by Noizy Cricket management and media promoter, DDotomen.

Ambrosius was definitely an artist that fans were excited to see that night. She is known for her outstanding voice, beauty, her lovely English accent, her early days as a member of the group Floetry, and her incredible songwriting skills. Ambrosius wrote songs for the late Michael Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Nas, Common, Alicia Keys, Outkast, Justin Timberlake, and many more.

There's one word to describe the venue's audience capacity: pandemonium. Guys, girls, couples, and media professionals waited patiently on Varick Street since 8pm to see Ambrosius. Fans purchased their tickets and RSVP'd early because the concert was sold out of course. It was first come, first served, ticket or not.

But before Ambrosius stepped on stage to interact with her hungry fans, the DJ kept fans occupied by playing some of R&B's biggest hits from Total's "Can't You See," BBD's "Poison," Sunshine Anderson's "Heard it All Before," tp Miguel's "Adorn." The show was behind schedule to three opening acts, Charlie Red, Avery Wilson from NBC's hit show, The Voice, and New Zealand's up and coming singer, songwriter, and producer, Janine and the Mixtape. The opening act segment was like the television show, Showtime at the Apollo. All the acts sang for the audience, but based on the audience's feedback, Wilson captivated the audience with his voice, delivery, good looks, and energy. Wilson covered three songs from other artists and one original he composed. It was truly a dream come true for Avery Wilson because he performed at SOBs, a venue where music artists are discovered when they're first starting out.

Around a quarter to eleven, Ambrosius made her grand entrance on stage and fans screamed immensely from the top of their lungs. She performed her popular hits, "Late Nights, Early Mornings," "Far Away," "Say Yes," "Hope She Cheats on You with a Basketball Player," "Take Care," and "Gettin' Late." Ambrosius also performed Michael Jackson's song, "Butterflies," since she co-wrote the song and other songs from heavy hit makers, Chaka Khan and Mary J. Blige. Even though Ambrosius is a talented performer, she is also a comedian and a vibrant person. Fans were entertained by Marsha's full of life demeanor when she sang a cappella and revealed the songwriting process behind certain songs. Her songs are truthful and she wanted her fans to know she has remained true to herself.

Ambrosius also talked about her upcoming sophomore album, Friends & Lovers. From the new project, she performed two new songs, "Friends and Lovers" and "Where Are My Shoes?". The hit single off the album is "Cold War." The song is so profound because sometimes intimate relationship are at a crossroads when things get tough or the couple doesn't see eye to eye.

Ambrosius says the Friends and Lovers album is "autobiographical" and she was going through "some deep sh*t" when she wrote those songs. "It was so many emotions," she adds. She also named the album, Friends and Lovers, because she asked the audience how many of us can be friends with the opposite sex when they dated and had sex with each other? We all know once we interact with the opposite sex intimately, it changes the dynamics of the relationship. Well the response from the audience was 50/50 because it's a difficult question to answer.

Fans wanted Ambrosius to continue performing, but time was running around. She ended with the Grammy nominated song, "Far Away." She thanked everyone for coming out and supporting her. Her

Ambrosius is planning a tour so everyone should look out for that. Her performance was phenomenal because her voice is powerful, she's real, down to earth, and comical. The world is expecting great things from Marsha Ambrosius and falling behind is not an option because her musical talents speaks for itself.