Faith Evans Talks Biggie’s Murder, Relationship With Lil Kim, and More on Wendy Williams

Faith Evans stopped by the “Wendy William Show” on Tuesday to discuss everything from the shared similarities between her son CJ and her late husband The Notorious B.I.G, her dedication to brining justice to Biggie’s murder case, and her relationship with Lil Kim now. Check out the highlight below.

Sons Similarities to Biggie

Flick his toes together, the way he uses his on finger to rub his nose when his sinuses are bothering him, even like he takes the asthma pump, and B.I,G, used to do this all the time, my friend Cheryl used to be like ‘Oh, my God, how does he do it,’ he doesn’t use the pump he just puts the silver thing on his tooth and sucks out the asthma medicine. I mean just a lot stuff that his dad used to do he does.

Not Giving up On Biggie’s Murder Case

We haven’t laid it to rest. We still very much want to see the person responsible brought to justice. That means more to us than anything. People think it’s kind of over with but we just felt like when they’re gonna’ step up and say ‘hey we’re gonna’ solve this thing,’ then we’ll pick it back up, but there’s no point in paying lawyers fees and the LAPD isn’t really cooperating and their part.

Her Relationship with Lil Kim

I’m not trippin.’ I’ve made peace, first of all with God a long time ago, especially once we lost [Big]. All that certainly went out the window. Before he passed away. I removed myself from any ill feelings toward her for that.

Last Encounter with Lil Kim

We were at Puff’s White Party in L.A. and I you know ran up to her and got her attention and like ‘congratulations on everything God bless you’ and she looked at me and said ‘who is that?’

I think she knows where I was coming from, you know, she knows I’m in a different place.