Jake&Papa – New Money [EXPLICIT]

The Soulful Sundays keep on coming! At the top of 2013, soul brothers Jake&Papa are back with “New Money,” a simple, piano-driven groove that expresses the essence of what everyone should be thinking for the New Year: toasting to current and future successes while leaving drama and negativity behind. “It used to be my money was funny and my credit wouldn’t get it / everybody said I wouldn’t make it / cheers to the new money!” croons the brothers on the hook.

"There is an old tradition, going back generations…saying that when you eat a spoon full of black eyed peas on New Years, it's supposed to bring you good luck, money and blessings. Our older sister made them this year and pretty much inspired this song. A New Year of changes, progression and success. Whatever 2013 has for us, we're ready. We had our spoon full of black eyed peas this year, so that New Money is coming. Cheers!" states Jake&Papa

You'll be singing along in no time.

Producer: DUBB and Resource