Chris Turner – LOVElife Is A Challenge

Chris Turner’s voice is smoother than cocoa butter smothered over hypnotic instrumentation. On “LOVElife Is A Challenge,” he talks about working things out by giving forth effort and trying. Mr. Turner’s sound is groovy and his addictive vibe leaves you itching for more. Chris had the opportunity to share some words and music about life and love.

“As a young man I have experienced and seen many worlds going through this thing called life, may it be traveling and performing around the world alongside great Artists and Friends; like Jesse Boykins III, Esperanza Spalding, & ERIMAJ, to name a few, or being blessed to be able to know the feeling of fatherhood and having a family of my own. Its taken all of this for me to gain the confidence to express what I have been living this whole time and also acknowledging the opportunity to share my voice with you. This is every extent of my Love, the evolution of emotions expressed from a good man with music as my vessel. I know now the importance of Loving Yourself first & foremost before you can give True Love to a significant other as well as the rest of world.

World Soul music is what I use as my remedy like so many others. So I give you LOVElife to add to your collection of remedies that help you continue to live life in all its beauty. I am merely a middleman trying to bring you and true love together. Lovelife is my melodic contribution that starts off with highlighting the significance of Loving Yourself, Sharing growth, and learning to forgive . Releasing this body of art on this day is my gift to you & also to myself to signify this as a rebirth, for I was born on this day. Hence the name Christopher aka Chris Turner. LOVElife is a necessary part of an important search to find romance, of which there is no end. Schwaza Life. Happy Holidays from Myself and The Romantic Movement , LOVEchild LP coming (@ChrisTurnerLC)”

“Brainstormin'” is My 1st single off my mixtape “LOVElife is a Challenge