MPrynt – Overnight

MPrynt, the philly-bred 4-member R&B group, delivers a soulful R&B single “Overnight.”

The J.U.S.T.I.C.E League-produced track is full of passionate apologies and regrets over cheating on a loved one. Once she finds out, their whole world is changed just overnight. The men speak of not being able to sleep or eat over this mishap because the girl doesn’t seem to want back in as they sing, “she said we can’t fix this, she’s full of resentment, and she gon’ be so distant, cuz she ain’t talking overnight.”

Their wide-ranging vocals on this track add interesting dynamics to the song, moving you, and also harking back to 90s R&B songs by groups like 112 and Dru Hill.

The single is featured on Motown Record’s Motown Music Sampler EP and you can catch the group performing at SOBs on December 19th for the Sol Village show, joining the likes of Mateo, Catham Citi, Kenny Wesley, Mylah, and Steve Lovell.