RECAP: Tamia Gives Private Performance at Sirius XM Radio

In the midst of touring with R. Kelly on the “Single Ladies Tour,” Tamia took the time out to give an intimate performance in front of 30 fans at Sirius XM Radio’s Heart & Soul on Wednesday (Nov. 28).

With only five dates left on the tour, the Canadian-born singer performed five songs live, including fan favorites and new material off her latest studio album, Beautiful Surprise. Clad in a bold black and yellow ensemble, the singer sat down inside of a glass booth facing her fans for a 40-minute show that incorporated personal stories along with her performances.

Accompanied by no more than a piano player, an acoustic guitar player, and two backup singers, Tamia provided powerful, angelic, and flawless renditions of her classic hits like “Officially Missing You” and current tracks like “Beautiful Surprise.” She started out with “Can’t Get Enough” off Between Friends, adding a unique twist to the single by infusing a silky and smooth version of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” to the end of the song.

After a incredible performance of her first song, the R&B beauty spoke on a range of topics from her first being introduced to Quincy Jones and recording and touring with him to her idol Anita Baker setting her up with her now husband of 15 years, Grant Hill.

Six years later after her last album Between Friends, one of the biggest questions of day was less about her past and more about the wait with her present album. Why the long wait? “Well, life, children, family, ups and downs and things like that. You know this is my second independent project, the first one being Between Friend, so there’s a lot more work that goes into, you know, when your doing things independently and things like that, so just kind of getting that stuff going and the company. You know, I don’t really take a long time to do actual albums, its just all the other things that sort of take the time,” said Tamia to on-air personality Cayman Kelly.

The wait was worth it. Tamia’s voice sounds better than ever and her new material fresh yet still very much classic Tamia. Her talent is undeniable and it’s clear she’s one of those artists that really loves what they do and is not into compromising her craft. Which is most likely why she enjoys now being independent. On being independent, she expressed her satisfaction “I like being independent and being able to choose the songs that speak to me.”

She continued on with singing “Officially Missing You,” “Still,” “Give Me You,” and her latest single “Beautiful Surprise.” You could hear every slight inflection in her voice, each song sounding arguably better in person than on the album. It really couldn’t get more up, close, and personal than her performance and her voice any sweeter.

Tamia’s album Beautiful Surprise is currently out in stores and iTunes.

Photo by: Cindy Ord | Getty Images Entertainment