Regina Belle Talks ‘Life After,’ Brain Tumor, Success and Reality TV

Award winning vocalist Regina Belle is one of this season’s featured talents on TV One’s inspiring series “Life After.”
Featured on an episode last week, Belle showcased her life now as a leader of a church in Atlanta and talked about the definition of success. Discussing that episode, Belle told the Atlanta Journal Constitution there were questions about the purpose of appearing on “Life After” at first.
“Life after what? What are we trying to say here? But for me, it ended up allowing me to talk about life after expectations, life after a Grammy, life after an Oscar nomination, after all those things. What is that determination, what is that definition of success?” she shared with the AJC. “I’ve been one of those fortunate people to have such awards but at the same time. I still count my success in raising five children in a world that is not always conducive for raising children.”
Belle also says her ministry is a “greater determination of success.”
“That’s a legacy that goes beyond records,” says Belle.
In related news, Regina Belle is not opposed to filming a reality series if approached, it would have to be something along the lines of MTV’s “Run’s House” though.
“I liked it because he tried to instill family values,” Belle said of “Run’s House.”
In case you missed Regina Belle on “Life After,” there is an encore airing Monday, November 19 at 8:30 pm on TV One.
Also…. watch Regina Belle discuss being diagnosed with a brain tumor and the affect on her career and personal life below: