Lady (Nicole Wray and Terri Walker) – Money

Lady, a newly formed duo by Nicole Wray and Terri Walker, has premiered their brand new single “Money.” If you had a graving for SOUL music, then “Money” will surely assuage your hunger; the tune boasts a feel-good vibe with colorful melodies and motivating lyrics.

Nicole Wray (Atlanta) and Terri Walker (England) met in New York in 2009 and realized that their love of soul classics and the hip-hop of today would make for a new kind of record. Their forthcoming debut will harvest on 60s soul with guidance from new age hip hop and modern R&B. Tracks on the set will include topics about growing up and never giving up, of love and friendship, of yearning and losing, bad girls and good hearts.

“Money” is set to appear on Lady’s self-titled debut album via Truth & Soul Records.

Get ready for some great R&B!

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