The Floacist Presents: Floetry: The Rebirth (ALBUM REVIEW)

You may know Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart, as one half of the soulful duo Floetry, a group that enticed us with sensual records like “Say Yes”; but today we know The Floacist as an independent artist who continues to prove that a blend of neo-soul and poetry make for inspiring records.

Her sophomore record as a solo artist, appropriately entitled Floetry: The Rebirth, has been officially released; and if you were in awe with the sultry sounds delivered on Natalie’s first LP, The Floacist Presents: Floetic Soul, well then get ready to fall in love with neo-soul music all over again. While this album doesn’t feature the lineup of artists that are on her freshman project, they are hardly missed. With her blend of groovy instrumentals coupled with her strong vocal performances both in poetry and in song, there’s no denying Natalie’s status as a soul artist.

The Floacist kicks off The Rebirth with “Start Again”, a jazzy mid-tempo track about spirituality and evolution. The London born artist spews positivity and continues to do so with the follow-up track “Children of the Sun”, where she urges her audience to shun negativity and to “shine bright”. A theme of self love is clear on “Step Out” and “Slow Down”, both of which remain melodic, intimate and act as reaffirmations of her empowering messages.

It’s not until midway into the album on “Soul” where Natalie gets personal, and discusses her break-up with groupmate Marsha Ambrosius. She sings, “Never saw myself floating without you friend. Now, you want to go out on your own. Well, where you wanna be is not for me. You’ll have to go alone.” Ultimately, she proclaims,”I just can’t sell my soul“. It is clear that Natalie’s intention is not to offend. Following “Soul”, The Floacist pays tribute to Marsha with “Say Yes (10 Year Anniversary Edition)”, where she remixes their claim to fame single. While her 2012 rendition struggles to compare to the Grammy nominated original, her attempt is pure and refreshing.

Listen to “Soul”

Watch the music video for “Say Yes”

The second half of the album shifts from messages about self love to songs about being in love. A standout track, “Speechless”, feels like a scene from Love Jones. Natalie entices us with spoken word over beautiful melodies, a feat she has always been able to tackle so effortlessly. She harmonizes to perfection, and you’ll find yourself singing along to the tunes’ simple, yet catchy chorus.

On “This Love”, her love for Bob Marley is revealed as the reggae influenced track comes to life.

The Floacist ends where she begins, with a message to uplift on “Roots of Love”. She proves that she is unlike most artists, refusing to sell out for recognition. On the 10 track record, she remains consistent, featuring music that she loves and believes in. Those who love a genuine message and inspired music won’t be disappointed.

The Floacist Presents: Floetry: The Rebirth is in stores now.


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