Winston Warrior – The Only Girl (4 Me)

Inspiration… It’s the story of what many men go through. A guy and his girl get in an argument, probably over something stupid he’s done or continues to do. It gets heated, and then the guy puts his foot in his mouth. So, he tries to win her back. In this case, I am trying to teach other guys how to “be real” with their women, break it down in plain language, and communicate. It’s the modern day apology. – Winston Warrior

The love experience is filled with its ups and downs. It can be hard and Mr. Warrior is giving the men that game in order to navigate those relationship waves. Back in the day, Marvin Gaye, Teddy P and people like Barry White talked about so many different issues that helped us through life. Winston is giving us that same direction through “The Only Girl,” a song that says everything we should. Check this song out and pay attention to the lyrics

Produced by: Tremaine ‘Six7’ Williams for Six7Music

All instruments: Tremaine ‘Six7’ Williams
Background Vocals: Winston Warrior and Kris Bryant


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