Anita Baker Talks Dating and “Broader and Richer” Life [EXCLUSIVE]

Anita Baker is a legend who has garnered eight Grammy Awards, four platinum albums and two gold. She has traveled the world and has given us some of the most innovative sounds of the century. During all this, she has raised two boys, while being a role model to all young ladies of color. Now at a stage in her personal and professional life where she can focus on more self, Baker is finding time for some of the finer things in life.

“Its great for me to be able to do four cities in five days. These days life is getting broader and richer. I’m kinda of dating now. (Chuckles!) I use the word dating loosely,” Anita told Singersroom. “Don’t confine me to that word. At my age dating is totally different. It’s usually someone you met in your business. It’s usually amongst your peer groups. It’s very rich and very cool … it’s not so confined. We know that I can love you, not have to see you in two days and it doesn’t mean anything.”

It’s great to hear that Mrs. Baker is enjoying a richer life experience.

Stay tuned for our full sit down with this legend.