Ciara Reveals “Got Me Good” Cover Art, Talks Voting and Obama

Check out the above cover art for Ciara’s upcoming new single “Got Me Good,” the follow-up to her previous release “Sorry.” As previously reported, a video was shot for the song and will premiere on Thursday Oct. 25.

In related news, Ciara shared with us her views on the current presidential election and whose side she stands on. “I’m definitely pro Obama. I think Obama is the person for our country, I haven’t been able to do as much research on Romney as I could, but from what I’ve been able to see, I just feel good about Obama,” Ciara told Singersroom.

She continued on why she sides with Obama: “I feel like he’s the one; Rome wasn’t built over night and everything is not going to be perfect for any person running the country and I think that if he have another term, he will turn things around the way it’s suppose to be. He walked into mess and it’s a process to clean up, it doesn’t happened over night.”

Ciara’s fifth studio album, One Woman Army, is due later this year.

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