Blu Cantrell – S.O.S. (Tell Me Where You At)

“Hit Em Up Style” singer Blu Cantrell releases the buzz track “S.O.S. (Tell Me Where You At).” Some are calling the song a diss track against ex-lover Jay-Z, while others are just happy to hear the R&B songstress’ voice.

Why thoughts of a Jay-Z diss?…check out the lyrics below:

When I was your girl, and you were my man, I stood by your side, when no one was there – all the way to the end, If you’d ever need me. But instead it seems you left me for dead.

What you said with your mouth, you didn’t show with your actions, And foolishly I believed it, Now I’m the one who has to deal with the let down – broken promises that you made to me.

Cantrell is currently in the studio working with producer DeShawn Hendrickson on a new album.

“People do miss me and there is that mystery of where I’ve been,” Blu told YouKnowIGotSoul. There’s a lot of anticipation and there will be a lot of attention and there will be buzz.”

She adds about her upcoming album, “This is so much stronger than the last two albums and every song I emotionally put myself into. I want to be on my own and say, ‘This is me, just me and now it’s like Let’s go. I’m ready!'”

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