Brandy Releases ‘Two Eleven’ Track Listing

The release of the long awaited album, ‘Two Eleven,’ from R&B siren Brandy is a little over a month away, and to set the stage for what’s to be expected, her camp has let fans in on the album’s primary and extended version’s track listing, the latter which includes four more full length tracks.

Lead by the “Put It Down” single featuring Chris Brown, ‘Two Eleven’ is reshaping Brandy’s presence in music. “I just think the artists who know how to do R&B need to do more R&B. That’s all it is. It’s going to take all the people that can actually do it that are out there, and hot right now, to do more R&B,” Brandy recently told KEmpire Radio.

“Two Eleven” boasts writing credits by Brandy, Sean Garret and Rico Love with production credits from Frank Ocean, Mario Winans, Tha Bizness, and Jim Jonsin. The title of the LP itself “Two Eleven” has a double meaning significant to the singer; it represents her birthday, which also happens to be the date her mentor and friend Whitney Houston passed away.

The song titles sound intriguing, but in the meantime, guess all we can do is imagine what the songs will sound like.

The new project is scheduled to be released on October 16, 2012 on RCA Records.

Two Eleven Tracklisting:

01. Interlude 1
02. Wildest Dreams
03. So Sick
04. Slower
05. No Such Thing As Too Late
06. Let Me Go
07. Without You
08. Put It Down” feat. Chris Brown
09. Hardly Breathing
10. Do You Know What You Have?
11. Scared of Beautiful
12. Wish Your Love Away
13. Paint This House
14. Interlude 2

Deluxe Edition
15. Can You Hear Me Now?
16. Music
17. What You Need
18. Nodding Off