Sammie – Insomnia

“I can’t sleep bout to take a hot shower / hope that it helps to wash this pain away.” Sammie deals with regrets on “Insomnia” as he’s up all night dwelling on the wrongs he’s committed against his past love. Emotionally charged and heartfelt, the crooner delivers a classic, epic R&B ballad.

“I’m back and I won’t lose this time,” stated Sammie recently.

Sammie took to Twitter and spoke directly to fans, admitting that his third studio album was finished and ready to be released three years ago, but things became “cloudy and ugly.” His upcoming EP Insomnia (out Sept. 4th) is “a body of work that represents ME,” he says. Think of it as a gift to fans for being so patient.

Produced by: Joe Jones and Troy Taylor
Album: Insomnia