Indie.Arie’s Says ‘Open Door’ LP is a “Manifestation of my Spiritual Transformation”

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It has only been three years since India.Arie released ‘Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics,’ but she has been under the radar, except for a legal battle with her former manager. For fans wondering when she will release new music, the soulful singer/songwriter’s development of her fifth studio album is nearing completion.

“I am Pleased to announce after 3yrs #OpenDoor is in the FINAL. STAGES. OF COMPLETION!!!!” stated India.Arie.

India.Arie’s music has often contained a spiritual component, and that theme will be present on her upcoming effort ‘Open Door.’ “#OpenDoor means so much to me because it’s beautiful, challenging, truthful and the musical manifestation of my spiritual transformation,” Arie adds.

Even though a few a more stages are left before the project is finalized, Arie is extremely excited about sharing the records.

She adds: “I’ve worked hard to BECOME the person who can write the things i have written on #OpenDoor and for you to hear it soon.”

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