Lloyd Dishes on Relationship with Irv Gotti, Ashanti, Collaborations, More

Lloyd has been in the game for almost ten years, debuting as the curly-haired, smooth-singing cat on Irv Gotti’s The Inc. in 2004 along with label mates Ashanti and Ja Rule. Now eight years and four albums later, Lloyd is still grinding. His most recent studio album, “King of Hearts,” released last year, is a smash abroad in Europe, with the single ‘Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)‘ beinga radio hit. While promoting in England, Lloyd had a chance to sit down with our friends at TaleTela to talk about his hit single in the UK, his collaborations, and where he’s at with Irv Gotti and Ashanti.

When it comes to his ‘Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)‘ single that features Andre 3000, the singer says he didn’t know if it would be received well. “My creative mind said ‘This is something’ but my rational mind that has developed over time, through mistakes said, ‘you never know how people feel or what they’re going through or how they’ll react,” he explained. The scandalous retro asks, “Tell me where that p*ssy go / Cuz it don’t feel the same no mo’,” and mostly likely breaks the record saying the word “p*ssy” in a song, which may explain why the song is bigger overseas as opposed to the States; the market isn’t as sensitive to controversial material.

Speaking of material, Lloyd may very well be the collaboration king, as his material released as singles has been mostly collaboration efforts. His debut solo single “Southside” was an Ashanti collabo, and it turns out he enjoys vibing with other artists. “I really enjoyed working with Chris Brown, because I just enjoyed seeing another young motherf**ker with talent, and just vibing out, it was good,” he said. Wale and Tyga are others he enjoyed working with. “I really liked working with Wale, I feel he is really talented and I had the chance to work with him on his recent album on a track called ‘Sabotage’ which I really, really enjoy….I worked with Tyga on his early mixtapes…I really enjoy working with whoever is next, who is going to be the shit one day,” the crooner explains. As for future collabos, the singer wants to work with Snoop and Atlanta rapper Future. “I really f**k with his music and I f**k with him as a person so I’m hoping I can get him on some of my stuff,” he said.

As for his former collaborator Ashanti, Lloyd admitted he hasn’t heard her latest single, but he isn’t throwing out the possibility about the pair coming together in the future. “Only god knows, but that’s my homie, but yeah only God knows,” he stated.

And for those who didn’t know, former boss Irv Gotti drew a line in the sand last year between himself and Lloyd because he felt Lloyd didn’t respect where he brought him. In an interview with MTV, Gotti told Sway, “Because here’s a person that I helped out. The minute he left, I let you go. You wanted to leave, I let you go. And you gon’ say, ‘Well Gotti did this and Gotti did that.’ Nigga, you went platinum with Gotti. You went gold with Gotti, you went platinum with Gotti. What you doing now with Interscope?” Gotti said.

But Lloyd doesn’t seem fazed by Gotti’s remarks. As a matter of fact, he blames Gotti’s argument on the fact that he still cares about his protégé. “…The only reason why it hurts, the reason why there’s pain, the only reason why there’s anger of any sort is because you care, because you love,” he said. “There’s a genuine love there no matter what and that’s what’s important.” And at the end of the day, “what’s really important is not to sit and dwell on it because I’ve got other shit to do,” he states. “I got other records to record and greater things ahead of me that I have yet to even accomplish that I need to focus on.”

Well, point taken.

“King of Hearts” is now available for purchase everywhere digital downloads and CDs are sold.