Deborah Cox Readies Two Albums, One R&B, One Dance

Deborah Cox aims to please by releasing two separate albums, one with dance remixes and new songs, the other consisting of her renowned R&B vocal stylings and ballads. “Not everybody wants to hear the R&B stuff and not everybody wants to hear the dance stuff,” Cox tells the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Working on the projects since January, the singer has always straddled the line between dance and R&B. Her 1995 debut self-titled album and follow up, 1998’s “One Wish,” featured soulful hits like “Sentimental” and the smash “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here.” Dance-remix interpretations of songs like “Who Do You Love” and “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here” began to surface and became international hits. 2004’s “Ultimate Deborah Cox” and 2003’s “Remixed” were chock full of dance cuts.

Cox, who also dabbles in jazz, released “Destination Moon” in 2007, which was a Dinah Washington tribute album. “I can do R&B, dance remixes, and I can also do jazz,” says Cox. She says more jazz tribute albums are coming. “I took the reins, ran with it and didn’t look back,” the Canada-native said.

This fall, she along with American Idol’s Constantine Maroulis will star in “Jekyll & Hyde” on a national tour and on Broadway next year.

No word yet on the two album’s release dates.