Monifah Plots Rebirth Following Battle with Music Business & Drugs

Monifah earned her success in the 90s with the release of ‘Moods…Moments’ and ‘Mo’hogany.’ The “Touch It” singer is working on two new projects, a new album and a realty TV show, to jump-start her career since her 2000 release of ‘Home.’

The twelve year break in her career was an outcome of a loss of passion with the music business and personal problems that led her to battle with cocaine. “Universal decided to drop me which came in a really weird way… I didn’t realize at the time how it effect me because I didn’t feel like I defined myself by being signed.”

The songstress added: “I think I fell out of love with the business, I was jaded by the business part. I got gun shy and I was kinda depressed. I didn’t realized I was depressed, [I] was drinking a lot.”

Presently, Monifah has reached eighteen months of sobriety, opening opportunities to work on her fourth studio album entitled ‘MidNite,’ which is due sometime in 2012. In addition, she is part of ‘The Ladies of R&B’ cast which includes R&B singers Syleena Johnson, Faith Evans, Keke Wyatt and Nicci Gilbert on a reality television show for TV One, which is slated to air late summer/early fall 2012.