Tristan Wilds – Cold

Tristan Wilds continues to tease us, cheating on his thespian affairs with music. He released his debut EP ‘Remember, Remember’ last year, but just dropped his first music video for the single “Cold.” The playful piano arrangement is enthusiastic that Wilds relationship is moving in a positive direction until his words reveal it has reached a conclusion.

The problem is he sketched her name in his heart and he is not “Cold” enough to cut ties with her. It is a story for all ages and genders; watch where you rest your love because the only thing constant is change.

“I’m using this mixtape as a way to show the world what I’m about to deliver to music. I’m more than a singer, more than a rapper, more than a writer and an actor. I’m an artist, and the journey has just begun,” says Tristan Wilds.

Album: Remember, Remember
Label: Ten2one