Marsha Ambrosius Readies Sophomore Album

“Late Nights, Early Mornings” songstress Marsha Ambrosius is back in the studio.
Following her Grammy nominated solo debut, the “Far Away” singer has plans to debut new music this Summer. An album will follow this Fall.
Confirming the news with Essence, where she’ll debut new tracks at the Essence Music Festival in July, Ambrosius says this album is about being true to self.
“It’s a well prepared meal with gorgeous side dishes and snacks. With Late Nights and Early Mornings I was very precise in how I wanted it to be, but with this one, I don’t feel like I’m taking chances. I feel like I can be me now,” says Ambrosius.
Claiming the “sound and authenticity is still there,” Ambrosius says “You will be able to tell I experienced more this time. There is this expectancy there; I know who I’m talking to. I get to target the people I’ve met along the way.”
Ambrosius’ as-yet-untitled album could be available as early as Thanksgiving.