IndieRotation Chart: Dawn Richard, Cheri Coke, Angela Johnson & More

Singersroom’s “IndieRotation” is a weekly evaluation of the latest singles, leaks and releases from independent artists. Each week we will deliver a list that showcases the week’s hottest records based on our editorial staff, listeners feedback and spins.

Since Dawn Richard moved on from Dirty Money, her name has garnered more attention than ever as more people gravitate to her solo records. The New Orleans native has developed a signature style that pushes her sound to the R&B edge, but at the same time, allowing her to maintain an urban appeal.

“I wanna start a new sound for R&B, not because I want it to be so different and eclectic…I’ve always been with a group of people who like to push people forward to the next thing,” Richard previously told Singersroom. “Whether you wanna call that progressive or being different, I just call it trying to push people to a limit, pushing the limits of music. Even as a kid, I always loved those artists that would do that.

Richard’s latest cut “Young N’ Wild’ fits perfectly into her musical identity, leading her to the top of this week’s Singersroom IndieRotation chart.

Nabbing the second position is Cheri Coke, also known as Cheri Dennis. It has been about five years since she was a buzzing artist on Bad Boy with singles “I Love You” and “Portrait of Love.” In an unlikely pairing, Cheri Coke exclusive collaborated with Romantic Movement producer Melo-X for a career rebirth that successfully fuse together vibrations of soul, electronic hip hop, old school reggae and new school basement party music.

The final three spots on the list are filled by veteran soul songstress Angela Johnson, Bay Area based producer Freddie Joachim and brash young talent August Alsina.

1. Dawn Richard – Wild N’ Young
Producer: Druski
Album: Armor On
Label: Our Dawn Entertainment

2. Cheri Coke & Melo-X – The Garden of Eden
Producer: Melo-X
Album: X/Coke
Label: Galax Recordsings

3. Angela Johnson – Don’t Take It Out On Me
Producer: Angela Johnson
Album: Revised, Edited & Flipped
Label: Purpose Music Group

4. Freddie Joachim – Keep Lovin Feat. Carlitta Durand
Producer: Freddie Joachim
Album: Fiberglass Kisses
Label: Mellow Orange

5. August Alsina – Pop That Feat. Luke Skyywalker
Producer: Jasper for Street Love