Brandy Says We Need More R&B Music

Brandy is all for bringing R&B music to the forefront.

Speaking of the state of R&B in a recent interview with K Empire Radio, the “Put It Down” singer says everyone who knows how to do R&B just needs to do more if it. Simple as that.

“I just think the artists who know how to do R&B need to do more R&B. That’s all it is. It’s going to take all the people that can actually do it that are out there, and hot right now, to do more R&B.”

Citing talents like Trey Songz and Kelly Rowland, Brandy says R&B can “come back.”

“I think Trey Songz is holding it down. Kelly Rowland is holding it down. I think Monica is holding it down on her end. I think it takes all of us to keep doing it until it comes back.”

In related news, Brandy is hoping to perform at the 2012 BET Awards. While there’s no guarantee she’ll be performing, Brandy hopes fans will send up prayers for her and tweet BET’s Stephen Hill to make it happen.