Cheri Coke – The Garden of Eden Feat. Melo-X

Coke and X together feel like a hell of a drug when it is carefully laid on a hypnotic beat. It seems and sounds so right but who would have thought that they (Melo-X & Cheri Coke) would have got together and brought that pure and uncut X and Coke together to make a batch of that magic. This is sure to help entertain as well as make you feel like your touching the sky. The “Garden of Eden” is the future.

The artist Cheri Coke, also known as Cheri Dennis, and Melo-X aka Mustafa, a member of the Romantic Movement, have a chemistry that is more than refreshing for what seems to be a very hot summer. They have been able to successfully fuse together vibrations of soul, electronic hip hop, old school reggae and new school basement party music.

After Bad Boy and a hiatus, Cheri Dennis has transformed herself to Cheri Coke. She has now found a new swagger, sound, hair color and fashion sense. It is a celebration of her independence and her ability to adapt. Melo-X is no different matching his ability to produce, rap, sing and DJ.