Dawn Richard Talks Capturing The Moment, Being Different, Longevity, More

Last year’s Singersroom NextDiva runner up, Dawn Richard, is on a mission to make her own individual statement in R&B. Not knocking what other artists are currently doing, the former Danity Kane and Dirty Money member wants to make an impact like the divas before her so the next generation of newcomers can have someone to lean on. Below are some snippets from part 1 of my one-on-one with this rising star.

The Moment… We decided to take a risk and put lyrics that meant something into records and sonically told a story and make R&B a conceptual story, which is something R&B really hasn’t been in a long time, we haven’t seen conceptual R&B albums in a while.

The Goal…I wanna start a new sound for R&B, not because I want it to be so different and eclectic…I’ve always been with a group of people who like to push people forward to the next thing. Whether you wanna call that progressive or being different, I just call it trying to push people to a limit, pushing the limits of music. Even as a kid, I always loved those artists that would do that.

The goal I think is for us to be the misfits of this industry, I think I want us to be the rebels, I want people to look at us and say “alright they’re about to put out something so I can already expect them to push me some place else.””

Being Different…I think everybody has their lanes, and I think that’s what makes them great. I love Melanie Fiona and what she’s done with her album. She’s dope, and I think that’s great music for R&B…I just feel like what we’re trying to do and who we are as artists is a different lane.

The Dream’s comments on “Blacks Can’t Do Soul Music Anymore”…Whether Dream may believe that and whether it’s true or not, what’s the solution for us to do it? We just have to keep going until people get it and I’m like the prime example of keep going.

Longevity…Your life span as an artist is long and longer in R&B and soul, if you think about it, then say a pop artist because you have that performance level of cult following.

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