Jury Begins Deliberations In Hudson Family, Balfour Trial

Testimony and closing arguments have ended in the ongoing Hudson family murder trial.

According to NBC Chicago, the jury began deliberations Wednesday night combing through evidence one last time.

As of this morning, no verdict has been reached, though sources say the jury asked Judge Charles Burns if they could see the court transcripts and if a certain set of keys were on Balfour’s key ring when he was arrested.

While the prosecution rested its case, claiming Balfour killed Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew in a jealous rage, the defense claimed the prosecution had not proven its case.

“The one constant in this case is that every piece of DNA evidence absolutely excludes William Balfour,” attorney Amy Thompson said Wednesday. “They took his
car, the green Chrysler, there was not one bit of blood evidence in it.”

Thompson went on to claim Julia Hudson, at the time Balfour’s estranged wife, was not threatened by him and continued to have sex with him after he threatened to kill her and her family.

“She wasn’t threatened by William Balfour and she didn’t behave like she was,” said Thompson.

The defense took just 20 minutes to complete closing arguments.

Balfour could face a life sentence if convicted. Over 80 witnesses testified including Jennifer and Julia Hudson.